Alphabet Puzzle

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Alphabet Puzzle
Alphabet Puzzle
Alphabet Puzzle
Alphabet Puzzle Alphabet Puzzle Alphabet Puzzle

Alphabet Puzzle

$49.99 0% OFF
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Help your little one learn their ABCs with this colorful wooden alphabet puzzle!
Handmade with love!

- Puzzle Base Height is about 10” tall
- Puzzle Base Width is about 18" wide


Colors Contain all of the following, in no guaranteed order:
Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Pink, Teal, Purple, Coral, Light Green


*All lowercase dots (i or j) will be glued into the base for your child’s safety. Do not try to remove the dots. It will break it.

Each puzzle is handmade, making no two puzzles identical to each other.
As a tree naturally ages, it develops lines, knots, and color variations. Part of the beauty of wooden products is that each piece is unique and tells it's own story. We do not remake puzzles due to these natural characteristics.

Quality You can See!

Alphabet puzzle

Our puzzles feature a large sturdy base with thick raised letters that are easy for little hands to handle. Your kids will play with it again and again!

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