About Russet Road Kids

Russet Road Kids was started in the Arizona heat of August 2016 by a pregnant Mom in her garage.
Today RRK calls a warehouse in Queen Creek, Arizona home – providing women and Moms in our community jobs that work around their kids’ schedules and needs. 

Meet our team

The awesome people behind your name puzzle!

Breana DeBoer

The brain

The mom that started it all.

Eric DeBoer

The brawn

The man that wasn't sold on the business idea, but works here now...

Brandi Jones


Anything you get from us, Brandi had something to do with it!

Taylor foote


Lynette Tucker


DeBoer Kids

Product testers


Russet Road Kids, is here to help kids grow and prosper today while leaving behind a world they can be proud of! In an effort to reduce waste and increase the earth’s natural environment we do not include printed receipts, we use minimal shipping supplies, and are now partners with One tree planted!

Why Trees? Besides, the obvious – our puzzles use wood, so we need to replace more than we use – Trees help:

Clean the AIR we breath

Clean the WATER we drink

Help with BIODIVERSITY loss

Help sequester CARBON from the atmosphere &

provide HEALTH in so many ways.

Every 2 seconds man destroys an area of forest the size of a football field.

700 pounds of paper are used by the average US citizen every year.