12-24 months Old

Help make education fun and exciting for your little one with age-appropriate learning toys for 12- to 24-month-olds!

From starting to walk and talk to advances in recall and memory, your infant is now entering the wonderful toddler stage. Through the next couple of months—and years—you’ll witness the incredible rapid fine and gross motor, cognitive, emotional, and language skills develop. They’ll start exploring their independence but will still have great need for safety and reliance on their parents and caregivers. A great way to get involved in your infant and toddler’s development is through interactive development toys, as seen throughout our online store. Our hand-made learning toys for 12- to 24-month-olds can be used as a fun tool for learning colors, shapes, and fine motor skills!

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  • Circle Stack and Match

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  • Elementary Shape Puzzle

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  • Level 1 Bundle – Circle Stack and Match AND Elementary Shape Puzzle

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  • Wheat Straw Tableware Set

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Showing all 4 results